2. When you talk to your attorney, they rush to get off the phone. Again, if you feel that your attorney is not answering your questions and is in a hurry to get you off the phone or demeaning to you on your calls, you need another attorney who is more caring.
What sometimes happens is an attorney listens to what an injured victim’s question is and feels it is self-evident or that it is a dumb question. Therefore, their response is unkind.
At the law firm of Pittsburgh car accident and wrongful death attorney Bernie Tully we really avoid that mind set. We try to show you in our calls that we are concerned about your injuries and we are concerned about you as a person.
Recently we had an injured victim of a car accident as a client. She had minor treatment and minor injuries. We received an offer on her case that was a good offer given the extent of her injuries. However, not a million dollar case for sure. When the client came into our office she thanked us for our representation and said we treated her case with the same care as a case that was worth millions. That really had a positive effect on us. And that is what we try to do on each case. I wish I could tell you that is what happens on each case, but at least that is what our goal is.
3. If your injury case is dragging on for years, let me be the first to defend attorneys in this regard. A lot of times, through no fault of their own, cases drag on. Maybe the defense attorney is slow to schedule your deposition. Maybe the insurance adjuster is asking for every record of treatment related to your injury. Maybe there is a court ordered stay on the proceedings in your case because of an insurance issue unrelated to you. Sometimes insurance companies go bankrupt. That would put a stay on your claim. Finally, maybe there is a medical lien on your case and your attorney has to deal with getting the exact amount of the lien and determining whether it is a valid lien.
As you know, all this takes time and months can really become years. This is not the norm but it does happen. However, if your case is dragging on for years, and your attorney does not give you a satisfactory reason for the delay, that is another reason to change attorneys.
An injury case can be placed At Issue, meaning that the attorney is telling the Court it is ready to go to trial within 6 months or so of filing suit.
Part 3 will be available to read tomorrow.
Thanks for reading.
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