4. You just don’t have a good vibe when you connect with your attorney. Have you ever met someone and within 2 minutes of talking or being with them, you wanted to run away? If that is the case with your attorney, you definitely need to change counsel. Some attorneys are extremely book smart. However, they cannot relate to people. In short, they are not people oriented.
One thing I will say is that we are not a stuffy law firm nor am I a three piece suit attorney who always wears a tie. I try to inject humor into most situations and tell my clients what is going on with their case in common, everyday language. I certainly make an effort not to talk down to anyone.
What I try to do with clients I have the honor of helping in personal injury cases is talking to them like a friend or neighbor. I try to tell clients what the positive and negative aspects of their case are – what are the good points and what are the problems associated with their claim.
Suppose, for example, an injury victim was treating for her back injury 3 weeks before being rear ended in a car accident. Is it fair to tell the client the fact that she was treating for her back problems shortly before the collision will have NO impact on the value of her case? Of course not. But, unfortunately that is what some injured folks are told by those just trying to sign the injury case up.
What I hope you can see through these blogs is that I will be honest with you about the value of your claim. Most people want someone to tell them the way it really is in any situation. Are you one the these people?
If you are, consider calling the law firm of car accident and wrongful death attorney Bernie Tully.
Well, those are my guidelines for changing attorneys. If one or more of those reasons apply to your situation , you should call your attorney and discuss it with him. If you do not get satisfaction from your phone call with your attorney, then you have a choice to make.
Can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here? Boy, the older I get, the faster these holidays keep coming around. I swear I just put away last year’s Christmas music. Have a great day!
Thanks for reading.
Bernie the attorney