PRODUCT LIABILITY McDonalds case-part 2

Back to the McDonalds Case-It was only by a lawsuit being filed and the jury hearing the facts of the case, that they became outraged at McDonald’s callous approach to consumer safety. They were not looking to get that victim so much money but they clearly wanted to send out a message to McDonald’s that if you are making or selling a product to the consumer you better make sure it is safe.

Another real good example of product liability safety and why it is so important to the public is in the area of construction and business work related matters. Without lawsuits businesses would be reluctant to spend  millions of dollars on  worker safety. Suppose a hand press at a business is being used on a regular basis by an employee. Suppose the hand press (the product)is designed so that often times the employee’s fingers will get pinched when they use the machine and sometimes even require the amputation of a finger or hand if it gets caught in the machine.  How do you deal with that situation? If you  leave it up to the company, they may or may not take the necessary steps to insure the employee’s safety. Maybe they make the same decision that McDonald’s made in the hot coffee case.

However,if a lawsuit is filed claiming that the hand press was defectively designed and that a person suffered serious injuries because of it, that is going to get the attention of the company. As a result of it, they will redesign their product and guarantee that it is safe for the employee. Because they are really nice people who want to spend millions of dollars that could be profits to them? Absolutely not. It is only because of the threat or the actual lawsuit that is filed against them that, in a product liability case, they make the necessary changes to insure safety of the employee. Bernie Tully  is here to help you in any way regarding pursuing a product liability case If you give us a call we would be happy to meet with you  at your convenience and go  over the whole matter together. Then we can make an informed decision on how to best help you  recover money for the damages you have incurred, if applicable.

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