As a personal injury lawyer Pittsburgh Wrongful Death, Car Accident and Slip & Fall Attorney, Bernie Tully has so much to be grateful for that it is scary. I want to try and make a brief summary of all the things that I have to be thankful for in my life as a trial attorney doing personal injury cases.

First, I am thankful for my clients. As the end of the day without clients to represent in injury cases, I would be flipping hamburgers at McDonald’s with or without my law degree. Clients are what pay the bills Clients are what pay the salary of my staff. Clients are what keep us going.

The thing that I have found regarding clients, who are victims of injuries, is they come in all shapes and sizes. Some are absolutely lovable, most are very reasonable and some provide a challenge. But I love you all. You are really what keeps me going professionally, because without you I would have no  staff. I would have no office space. I would have no  computer and I would have no job.

Next, I have my incredible staff to be thankful for. I must say they are just absolutely wonderful, loyal, kind and caring. I  have two fantastic paralegals in Denise and Jennifer. They are the ones in charge of collecting the records of victims of injury cases, malpractice cases, wrongful death cases and slip & fall cases, and putting them in an orderly fashion.  They help us with drafting  complaints so that we can start the lawsuit and answering written interrogatories and taking the daily calls of concerned  clients regarding the status of their case. They  are fantastic in terms of caring for our victims who are our clients and do have feelings too.  What I have found is that some other firms are taking a rather impersonal approach  to personal injury cases and try  to run the clients through an assembly line to get the end result. We really do  try to take a different approach  and show our concern for you and what you  are going through. It doesn’t always come across that way, but  always that is what our goal is.

I am also thankful  for my family. My family of 5 children and 3 grandchildren are just wonderful. We have all just recently gotten together for the Thanksgiving season and are having a ball sharing our memories together. A special thanks to my wife Michelle who puts up with my craziness and work habits, like putting the client files all over the kitchen table when I am working on them. She also helps me with writing these Blogs in terms of typing them in and hearing me rant against the insurance companies for making unfair offers to our clients.

Any way Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

More on things for me to be thankful for tomorrow.

Bernie the Attorney.