Yesterday we talked about 3 important points in slip and fall cases. The 1st crucial point was that it’s usually not your fault if you fall.

The 2nd crucial point is that the insurance company will try to put all of the blame for your slip and fall on YOU.

They will say you should have been watching where you were going. They will say you should have known there would be ice under the snow where you fell. They will say your injuries aren’t really that bad. They will say their client did all that they could to prevent your injuries.

Ha ha what a joke that is.

That is all part of their  strategy. They put you on the defensive.This takes the spotlight off their client in determining who is at fault for your injuries.

I have a client who was severely injured while walking down narrow steps without a hand rail attached to the steps. My client broke her wrist and later had to have wrist surgery because the steps were uneven, wooden and unsteady and lacked a handrail.

Think the insurance company would just accept responsibility for causing Pittsburgh slip and fall, Wrongful death and car accident attorney Bernie Tully‘s clients serious injuries?

Not in this lifetime.

Instead they immediately went on the offensive in the case.

They said the client was not paying attention when she fell down the steps. They said the client was carrying a handbag when she fell and this distracted her. They said my client never told the owner that the steps lacked a handrail.

When you do enough slip and fall cases you just take the insurance companies arguments with a grain of salt and move on.

I will let you know how the case turns out when it is done.

The 3rd important point about slip and fall cases is that the insurance company often makes some $$ settlement offer in the case. Let me add that each case is different and there is no guarantee that the insurance company will make a $$ offer in your case.

But in doing slip and fall cases for over 25 years that is my experience.

Why is it that the insurance company will often make some offer in most slip and fall cases? I think the answer is because they realize their client is somewhat responsible for the injuries  sustained in the fall.

Well those are the 3 important points I think you need to remember regarding slip and fall cases.

We would be happy to review your case for FREE. We will tell you whether we think we can help you or not. And we will be HONEST with you. Remember no win-no fee.

So how do you think the Steelers will do tonight? Are you going to watch the game?

I think everyone knows this is an important game to win if the Steelers are going to make the playoffs.

Go black and gold.

Thanks for reading.

Bernie the attorney.