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No, the real words insurance companies fear are BAD FAITH.
Simple, right? But why do insurance companies fear bad faith so much?
It is because a bad faith claim can lead to a runaway jury verdict. In other words, there is no ceiling on what an insurance company can be forced to pay because of their bad faith.
I don’t know if you recall the case several years ago in which a poor, single woman with children was just trying to get her car fixed by the insurance company. The car repair bill was only for a few thousand dollars. However, her auto insurance company jerked her around for years and were not going to pay the car repair bill after all that time. She got an attorney. The attorney was incensed with what the insurance company did to his client. They went to trial. The jury heard all of the above and more. The jury was seriously upset at the insurance company’s actions. What made it worse was how they were trying to take advantage of an uneducated, single mom who was just trying to get her car fixed. The jury gave her millions of dollars as punishment against her auto insurance company. If they had just paid the car repair bill it would have cost them less than $5,000. That is what I mean by bad faith. It is when your insurance company fails to act in good faith in dealing with their insured customers. I should emphasize that legally insurance companies have an obligation to deal with customers like you who are their clients in good faith. If you are ever sitting in my living room, watching the Pittsburgh Steelers or Penguins game with me and you see one of those cute All State, State Farm, or Geico ads you will probably see me throwing something at the tv. You may hear some cursing after that. You can be sure that is coming from Pittsburgh insurance company, bad faith, wrongful death, auto accident and slip and fall attorney Bernie Tully’s lips. Why do I react like that? It is because I see on a daily basis the way insurance companies treat people like you. It doesn’t matter whether it is a slip and fall case, a car accident case, a wrongful death claim or a homeowners insurance dispute. The primary goal of insurance companies is to make money. If they trample on your rights in this quest to make money, well, that’s just the way things are. That is why, in my opinion, you may need Pittsburgh insurance company bad faith attorney Bernie Tully fighting on your behalf against the insurance companies.
You can be sure that I will bring passion and commitment to you in your fight against insurance companies.
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