Your Response to the Case I Blew

As you know, earlier this week I published a blog talking about blowing a case while I was an assistant district attorney 30 years ago.

I got a heck of a lot of responses to the blog.  Most of the responses were very positive ones.

A few were not.

But let me ask you a question.

When you see all those TV attorney commercials talking about how they get millions of $$$$$ for their clients, how many of them tell you about the cases they lost for their clients?

When you see lawyer billboards or hear radio commercials of lawyers telling you about their great verdicts, how many times do you hear them say they lost a case, much less blew a case?

None of them.

In all of the thousands of TV ads, commercials, radio ads and phone book ads I have seen over the years, not a single one of them talks about any cases they lost.

Think that means they never lost a case?

Pittsburgh wrongful death, medical malpractice, car accident and slip and fall attorney Bernie Tully wants to tell you emphatically that there is NO attorney in America who has won all of his or her cases.

Likewise, there is no attorney in America who has never blown a case over the years.

Then how honest are all those attorneys being to you and the public?

Pittsburgh wrongful death, medical malpractice, auto accident and slip and fall attorney Bernie Tully believes that the only way you become a good trial attorney is by making mistakes, learning from them and making sure you never make the same mistake again.

In that regard, it is the same with surgeons.  They operate on a patient with a small, non life threatening problem. They make a mistake or 2 along the way.  They learn from those mistakes and eventually they become very good surgeons.

I really hope that after practicing law for over 30 years the same applies to me.

I have made mistakes in my profession but I really have learned from them.  After 30 years of practicing law I think I am at my peak as a trial attorney.

I realize there are some people out there who would never hire an attorney who volunteered that he made mistakes as an attorney.


I really believe in my heart that most people want an attorney who is willing to be honest with them.

I hope you are one of them and will consider me for your personal injury, car accident or wrongful death case.

Thanks for reading my blog.

It means a lot to me.


Now lets get behind the Steelers and beat Denver!

Bernie the attorney