If You Are About To Go On A Job Interview Read This.. (Part 1)

In the paper Sunday I saw an article about people looking for jobs and what employers are looking for. The article gave tips as to what you shouldn’t ask about during the interview.

Some basics…

1st never ask what the companies policy is regarding employee theft. Ha ha. Someone actually asked this question during an interview.

2nd never say you want this job because you need to make payments on your $70,000 new car.

Honest to God someone said that during an interview.

3rd never ask if working Fridays is mandatory.Again someone really did ask that question during a job interview.

What if you are looking for a job in the LEGAL field?

What would an attorney looking to hire a paralegal, a legal secretary or even a young lawyer look for in a job applicant?

Pittsburgh wrongful death, medical malpractice,car accident and criminal defense attorney Bernie Tully is an employer and an attorney.

Can I tell you as an employer and a lawyer what I would be looking for in a job applicant?

1st I would be looking for someone who is able to tell me in plain simple language how they can help me and my firm.

Too often job applicants spend the majority of time telling the interviewer about their degrees and accolades.

By and large the person you are interviewing with doesn’t care too much about that.

What they do care about is what you can offer them that’s gonna make their life easier.
That’s a hugely important lesson to remember during the interview

How can you add value to the company you’re interviewing with?

What skills do you have that are going to make your bosses job easier?

Pittsburgh wrongful death, Medical malpractice, slip and fall car accident and criminal defense attorney Bernie Tully is no different then any other employer.

He wants his job to be as easy as possible and his life to be as uncomplicated as possible.

Anything you can do to make that a reality is going to be really important to the interviewer.

2nd Think about what the job interviewer’s reason is for asking the question in front of you? What are they trying to get at?

3rd Its real important to read up about the firm you are interviewing with.

If you can tell the job interviewer something about the business, and what you see as ways to make the business grow, you are going to have a huge leg up on other applicants.

4th Never under any circumstances trash your current employer.

Why? The legal field field is very close knit.
The likelihood is the person who is interviewing you knows the firm that you’re coming from.

Maybe they even know your boss on a personal level.
That’s a real good reason why you don’t want to talk negative about your employer.


Another reason not to trash your current employer, is because the interviewer is going to be thinking to themself if she’s trashing her current employer she’s likely do the same thing about me when she gets a chance.

More in the next blog.


Bernie the Attorney