Slip and Fall Injury Cases

Slip and Fall Cases and Who We Represent.

Q If you have a slip and fall case at a stores parking lot can you get a $$recovery? I hear that those kind of cases are very hard to win?

A. Well they can be challenging but you can successfully settle a parking lot slip and fall case.

Sometimes depending on the extent of the injury, you can even get a significant award or settlement of your claim.

A  lot of times it will depend upon the circumstances of the fall.

For example, what was it that you fell in? How big was the hole that you fell in? Was it daytime or nighttime? Were their signs are cones around the area where you fell? Did you have to get surgery for your injuries?

Those are the kind of questions that are important in any slip and fall case including one in a parking lot.

Sometimes the best thing to do it is just contact parking lot and slip and fall attorney Bernie Tully for a free consultation.

I promise I will be honest with you and tell you what I think about your case.

Below is an example of a client I recently represented in a parking lot injury case.

Recently,I represented a surgeon’s wife in a serious slip and fall accident case.
My client (let’s call her Sue) fell in the parking lot of a local restaurant in Bethel Park Pa.

Sue suffered severe injuries to her shoulder.
Sue had to have shoulder surgery and extensive rehabilitation for her injuries.
Sue called me to represent her.
When I met with Sue I found out her husband is a heart surgeon.
As you may know, many surgeons do not like attorneys because attorneys like myself sometimes sue them for medical malpractice.
So I really didn’t know how this relationship was going to work out.
However we all got along great from the beginning until we recently settled Sue’s case for a significant amount of money.
This week, after the case was over I got another surprise.
Sue my client sent me a thoughtful letter thanking me for representing her.
Imagine that!