Will The Insurance Company Treat Me Fairly? Will They Offer Me a Fair $$ Settlement?

Let Pittsburgh attorney and anti-insurance company lawyer Bernie Tully first answer those legitimate questions with this rant from an email I send to my injury clients.

“What would cause a normal rational attorney to throw his shoe at his TV?


Just make me watch one of those cutesy insurance company TV commercials.

Why my frustration at what I see on TV in those commercials?

Because every day I see them treating injury victims like some of you terribly. 

They are no more concerned about your well-being than the man in the moon.

In fact it’s worse than that.

Because their sole function is to give you the least amount of $$ they possibly can for your very real  injuries.

And it’s the same attitude whether it’s from an auto accident a slip and fall case or a Worker’s Comp case.

That attitude is to pay the injured victims as little $$ as they can. 

And all the while they’re doing that to good people like you they’re trying to sell the public with the idea that they are fair people.

It’s enough to make you throw a shoe… LOL

The scary part is that just about all of you know what I am saying is true”.

Okay so much for the rant and thanks for continuing to read. But my point is very simple.

No the insurance company will not treat you fairly.

And no the insurance company will not make you a fair settlement offer.

That is unless you have an attorney with a lot of experience dealing with these insurance companies who knows their tricks and the landmines they put up to trap the innocent victims.

Like you.

Did you know,most insurance adjusters receive special training in how to settle cases for the least amount of $$ possible?

They know the buttons to push to wear someone down until the point the victim just wants to end the case and get SOME $$.

But that will not happen if Pittsburgh car accident settlement attorney Bernie Tully is representing you.

So call me now at 412 281 8700 to stop me from breaking another TV with my shoe. lol.

Thanks for reading.

Your attorney friend.

Bernie Tully

412 281 8700