A Powerful Tool To Increase the $$ Value of Your Injury Case

Attorney Tully Do you have any suggestions how I can increase the $$  offer the insurance company is making me?

I know they look to medical treatment and records.
Any other suggestions?

Yes we have found a very effective way to get the insurance company to increase your case value is with the use of a professional video.

Specifically we have a videographer go out to the house of our clients and films their limitations and physical problems.
What they suffer with on a daily basis.
The old saying that 1 picture is worth a 1000 words applies in a very real way in this situation.
When the insurance adjuster reads records that are maybe 1000 pages long it’s normal to become numb about what is contained in the records.
Often times they just go to the end of the records which shows the summary of what your injuries are.

They might get a summary like chronic low back pain.
Or acute neck sprain.
Or shoulder muscle tear.
That has some effect but not much.

What we’ve been doing is using the power of the video to enhance those boring records into a powerful tool.

This will increase the $$ value of your case.

Our videographer may video how high you can raise your arm above your head.
He may also video problems you have getting up from the couch for example.

Or brushing your teeth.
Or eating your breakfast cereal.
I have found by trial and error that those are things that are not captured in your hospital records.
And have no doubt about it they work.

They get the attention of the adjuster.


Because then the adjuster starts to worry that if a jury sees what you’re going through on a daily basis they may hammer their insured with a big jury verdict.

So you can see that a professionally done video which is a mini day in the life film has a great impact on how the adjuster views your case.

In our professional experience just doing a video of what you are going through might increase the value of your case by $25,000.

If you think that Pittsburgh auto accident settlement attorney Bernie Tully is on the right path with the idea of recording your injuries in a day in the life film why not call me at 412-281 8700?

Of course the call and the consultation are free.
Video films are a powerful powerful ally in your quest to get more money for your injuries.
And we do them on a regular basis.

Bernie Tully