Attorney Tully: Any Other Things Your Firm Does To Increase My Injury Claim?

Yes there is.

I have been requesting and scheduling a short 5 to 10 minute phone consultation with your treating doctor or surgeon to discuss the extent of your injuries.

The key thing here is we have the short phone conversation with your surgeon BEFORE we ask the surgeon to write a report about your condition.

Why do we do this?

For one, the insurance adjuster takes what your surgeon says in his report VERY SERIOUSLY.

It is almost becomes gospel.

If your surgeon gives a very bland boring narrative report it’s not going to have its desired effect.

However, if we are able to talk to your doctor for 5 or 10 minutes we can tell the doctor what you are going through on a daily basis which he may not be aware of.

Your surgeon is not going to know if you have pain walking up and down steps.

He is not going to know that you cannot do gardening. He is not going to know that you have cut your exercise program down significantly due to the injuries you sustained in the accident.

Because if he doesn’t know those facts they would never be discussed in his report .

But if we are able to tell him about it BEFORE he writes the report then maybe he will put it in the report.

The 5 or 10 minutes phone conversation with your doctor will greatly increase the chance that he will write a favorable Report for you.

It is kind of strange but since the doctor is in the business of trying to make you well, it is likely that his report will focus on how well you’re doing.

That doesn’t help increase the $$ value of your legitimate injuries with the insurance company.

So what we have found is making the extra effort to contact the doctor BEFORE the report will help your case immensely.

The other advantage of this procedure is that we will know in a general way what the doctors going to say in the report.

If he tells us on the phone that you were noncompliant with his instructions in any way, then possibly we do not even want to get a report from him.

Maybe we just rely on his notes instead.

Mom was right in telling you that forewarned is forearmed.

Especially in the personal-injury field.

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