March 2017

30 Years – A Reflection

Last month I celebrated my 30th year in private practice. 30 years and we never missed a single payroll during that time! That is in large part due to your generous referral of cases to us. I sure do thank you for that and I hope you continue to do so in the future.

One of the best things about doing injury and criminal cases over the last 30 years is the incredible variety of people I have been privileged to represent. I have represented sports figures, Presidents of Universities, professors from all the major schools in the Pittsburgh area, doctors, lawyers, and garbage collectors.  One day I might be representing someone who lives in a small trailer and the next day I am representing a senior CEO of a corporation. I have honestly tried to treat everyone I represent the same. It hasn’t always worked out that way but that has always been my goal. That and to make no value judgments of people. Because who am I to judge anyone anyway? Again, thank you faithful readers for your referrals.

Workers Compensation – Fatal Claim Petition

If a loved one dies from a work related injury, you can make a Fatal Claim Petition. That means you can receive additional workers comp benefits ($$)if it can be established that your loved one’s death was work related. Yes, we handle all workers comp cases including Fatal Claim Petitions and Commutations.

Give Us The Darn $ Now

What happens if we settle your case and you sign the Release, and the defense stalls on giving us the check for the settlement amount? What can we do? The law does give us recourse. Under Pennsylvania Rule of Civil Procedure 229.1, once we give the other side your executed Release, they have 20 days to give us the check. If they do not, then we have the right to go into Court and ask for interest, attorney fees and other things for their failure to give us the check. Now with this Rule, all parties know that they are under a time limit to get us your $. And within 20 days too!

Salvation Army Building Collapse Case

This Philadelphia case was recently settled for $227 million. Man that is a big settlement.  But when you weigh all the deaths that occurred because of the actions of the Defendant in this case, the award seems like a just verdict. Do you agree?

UPMC Mold Cases

Did you read about the injuries and deaths that occurred from excessive mold at UPMC and its affiliate hospitals?  These are massive injury claims and some have even led to the deaths of innocent victims. If you have such a claim, please feel free to call us at 412-281-8700 for a FREE consult.

The Bill Cosby Case

The Judge in the case will allow only one of 13 prior Cosby accusers to testify at his criminal case. The reasons for the Judge’s decision apparently are that most of the other accusers’ accusations were very long ago and that the prejudicial effect of the jury hearing from these 13 accusers would be overwhelming. Some of them never even filed a complaint in the matter. What the Judge has to do is balance the rights of the accused against the interest of justice in the jury making a fair decision. What do you think of this decision?

Criminal Law – Police Shooting At Runaway Drivers

In a somewhat surprising decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that the law is not clear as to whether shooting at a suspect’s fleeing car is excessive force. Is shooting at a runaway driver’s car excessive force per se? What do you think of that decision legally?

How Low Are Some Strip Club Owners?

Pretty darn low. Many stripclubs treat their dancers as tenants by making them lease the strip stage for performances. That way the strip club can say that the wages that were supposed to be paid to the dancers has to be arbitrated under the terms of a landlord/tenant agreement. However, a Pennsylvania Court recently saw through that sham by the strip club owners and said no way Ray.  Imagine that, making the dancers lease the stage they use. Incredible.

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