Who Pays My Medical Bills??

Attorney Tully I was in an intersection car accident. The other side is saying I was 50% at fault for the collision. That is ridiculous since the light was green when I went through the intersection. The other guy ran a stop sign. Now I am getting bills from the hospital where I was admitted and treated.Who is going to pay for my medical bills and treatment related to the accident? I am out of work and cannot afford these bills.

Well the good news is your bills will be paid by your own insurance company. We can help you fill out the application for benefits to get your bills paid.
The 2nd bit of good news is that your auto rates will not go up because you had to get medical treatment related to a car accident.
Why am I so sure of this?

Because Pennsylvania is in what is called a no-fault state.
What this means is that your medical bills will be paid by your own insurance company regardless of who was at fault.
Thus the term Pa. no-fault insurance that you may have heard of.
The 3rd bit of good news is that your insurance company does not pay your bills dollar for dollar.
If your medical bill is $100 for example, your insurance company might pay $50 of that amount.

And the doctor or hospital must accept that $50 in FULL payment of the bill.
In Pennsylvania the minimum amount of medical benefits available to you is $5000.

You may even have a higher amount on your policy.
So Pittsburgh attorney, intersection collision attorney and auto accident attorney Bernard Tully believes you will be OK concerning your bills.
The bad news is you have to convince the insurance company it was not your fault at all. lol.

How we do this?

First let’s get a copy of the police report if one is available.

Then let’s find out if there are any witnesses to the accident.
Please call me ASAP at 412-2818700 concerning your intersection auto accident. 

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BERNIE the attorney.