Can You Guarantee Me You Will Win My Case?

Q. Attorney Tully I have a serious slip and fall injury case.
I had to have arm surgery from my fall.
I have a metal plate in my left arm that covers 95% of the bones in my arm.
If I hire you as my attorney can you guarantee me that we will win my case in front of a jury?

A. Sorry the answer is no I cannot.
Furthermore any attorney who guarantees you they will win your injury case in a jury trial is lying to you.

You should run from that attorney quicker than playing a flag football game against a team with Tom Brady as their quarterback.

The reason I say you should run from that type of attorney is that he is only trying to get your case.
Neither he nor I nor any other attorney can guarantee a win for you in front of a jury.

The reason this is so is because no one knows what goes on in the juror’s mind.
No one knows what is said among the jurors during deliberations.

What I can tell you is that based upon doing slip and fall type of cases over the last 35 years, that I have gotten some expertise in this area of the law.

Pittsburgh slip and fall, car accident and wrongful death attorney Bernie Tully will promise you that he will do the best job he possibly can to advocate your position to the insurance company or to a jury.

I will also tell you that you will not just hear me telling you things you want to hear about how rosy your case is.

Pittsburgh slip and fall, car accident and wrongful death attorney Bernard Tully will always tell you what is really going on with your case.

That is what most clients want anyway.
Honesty from their attorney.

If you like the way I approach personal injury cases, consider callling Pittsburgh slip and fall attorney Bernie Tully today.

Thanks for reading.

Now where is that football and where is Tom Brady at?


Bernie the attorney.