Your Mom, Injury Cases and Reduced Fee Attorneys…

The reduced fee attorneys. A true story…

Met with a new auto accident client Friday at South Hills Village of all places. It was a halfway meeting point for both of us.

At the end of our meeting after all the paperwork was signed I asked him why he contacted us. What he said blew me away.

He said I was not his first choice to call from Google. Imagine that. lol

He in fact contacted a  reduced attorney fee firm you hear about on the radio and TV. Called them 3 or 4 times. No call back. Get an idea where this is going?

On the 5th call he did in fact get an attorney on the line. He mentioned the prior calls .
The attorneys answer was startling. He said he has 50 new cases and just doesnt have time to answer phone calls.
So there you go. The problem with ALL reduced fee attorneys.

MY new client thanked the attorney nicely and then click hung up the phone. No way was he going with a reduced fee lawyer.

Unfortunately that is the dilemma you face picking a low priced lawyer whether they are 25% 20% or 10% ones.

Pittsburgh injury cases, car accident, wrongful death and injury lawyer Bernie Tully thinks it is an inevitable problem.

There are only so many hours in a workday. These reduced fee firms by definition must move cases very quickly in order to generate enough $$ for the lower fees. They may have to work on 10 cases at the same time.

Maybe yours will be one of those 10.You can go with them if you want.But let me ask you something…
Think you’ll get quality service? How about callbacks AFTER you retain them about the status of your case? How about being willing to take your case through a 5 day trial?

It would seem to be very difficult to give you as the injured victim personalized attention in this situation.

You have the absolute right as an American to choose any attorney you want.

However in the field of personal injury auto accident pedestrian accident and slip and fall surgery cases its personal.

Do you want an attorney who is not going to personalize your case? Want to know what is going on with your case once you retain a lawyer?

That’s what you may be giving up with reduced fee attorneys whether it’s 10 15 20 or 25% ones.

What it comes down to is what your mother told you long long ago. You get what you pay for.

Thanks for reading. What injury lawyer Bernie Tully said in this blog is based on talking with OUR new auto accident client. Notice I did not say the reduced fee lawyer’s client. LOL

Thanks for reading
PS the Pirates seem to be making a real run for it. Let’s enjoy it.
Bernie the Attorney.