August 2017

The Steelers Magnets Are Here!

You wonderful loyal readers have been so good to me over the years, faithfully reading our monthly Newsletter, that I feel blessed. So I want to give something back to you.

I have enclosed the 2017-18 Pittsburgh Steelers refrigerator magnet schedule. The FREE magnet also includes the Penn State and Pitt football schedules as well as the Sunday & Monday night football games (on the back). I hope you enjoy your refrigerator magnets and continue to read my Newsletter!

If The Darth Vader Insurance Companies Treated People Fairly

and paid them the real $ value of the case, I would probably be unemployed. LOL

Here is an actual example of how insurance companies treat innocent accident victims. Pat is a long-time reader of this Newsletter. She and her husband Nello had a car accident. Her car was totaled and her airbags went off. She spent a night in the hospital due to her injuries.

There was even a picture of Pat in her hospital bed. She looked like she had fought Muhammed Ali in his prime.

The insurance company called Pat and said they were going to make a fair offer to her. Ha! What do you think their fair offer was?

I will give you a hint. It was about the cost of 2 cheap Penguin play-off tickets! That’s what drove Pat and Nello to pick up the phone and call us. They rightly feel that the insurance company treated them unfairly, and the insurance company did.

As long as insurance companies continue to treat people this way, victims are going to say no to Darth Vader and call us for legal help.


Call us for a FREE 20 minute Complimentary Strategy Session (CSS) concerning ANY injury case. In the FREE strategy session I will discuss the details of any injury case you or a referral have. If you want, I will give you a FREE written summary of the legal issues involved in the claim. Finally, I will provide a written strategy of what to do going forward, even if you do not use us!

Criminal Law – Breaking News

The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, which includes all of Pennsylvania, made an important legal decision a few weeks ago. They ruled that YOU have an absolute Constitutional right to record police activity including taking videos and pictures of the officers while in the performance of their duties. This is part of each citizen’s 1st Amendment rights.

What do you think of the decision? Do you support it? Would you modify it? If so, in what way?

Practical Criminal Law Corner

The real value of experience – is from doing many different kinds of criminal cases over the years, you learn that each County handles criminal cases differently. For example, to get all the records in a client’s case (discovery) you just need to send over a letter to the Allegheny County District Attorney’s office. But if you drive over to Mercer County the discovery is handed to the defense attorney in Court during the client’s Formal Arraignment. Some County hearings start promptly at 9 A.M. and others do not usually begin until 10 A.M. Knowing the particulars of each County and who the Judge is on the client’s case can be of enormous help in getting the best results for a criminal client. We are here to help anyone charged with a crime without judging you or your actions.

3X $ Damages

If you are renting from a bad landlord…you may be able to recover 3 times the amount of the total $ you actually lost. A recent Pennsylvania Superior Court decision affirmed a 3X damage award to a residential tenant in Nexus Real Estate v. Erickson and Erickson v. Cohen, No. 972 WDA 2016. The Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas awarded the victim triple damages of $23,150. Fantastic!

Philadelphia Jury Awards $1.7 Million in Asbestos Case

A Philadelphia jury awarded $1.7 million to a factory worker and his  wife in an asbestos lawsuit filed against his employer. Usually these cases settle before trial but this one went to the mat!

Our Drawing Winner

CONGRATULATIONS to Renate B., last month’s winner of our Newsletter drawing. Renate will receive a $50.00 cash prize from us!

Want to win too? Then answer this question and be placed in our drawing for that chance. Name one type of injury case our law firm handles?

Personal Corner

Michelle and I recently got back from a couple of days at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. We saw Brad Garrett from Everybody Loves Raymond. Hilarious. How hot was it? 106̊ the whole time there. Thank God for the MGM “Lazy River”.

How are YOU enjoying the summer so far? Have you gone on vacations anywhere? If so, where? Please let us know if you want us to mention it in a future Newsletter!

Lastly, I have said it many times but it bears repeating. Probably 90% of our new case referrals come from loyal client friends like you! Here are just a few this month: Brittany Jones, Bobby Reed,  Jim and Angela, Jeff Neely and Keenan Jamison. The list goes on and on. Thank you always!

Your friend and attorney,
Bernard M. Tully, Esquire