If I am hurt in a parking lot can I still get $$ for my injuries?

If I am injured in a parking lot can I still get $$ for my injury case?
Of course you can. Where an accident occurs has no real impact on whether or not you can recover$$ for your injuries.
The main thing that must be established though is that the defendant was negligent and that is what caused your injuries.
Pittsburgh parking lot injury attorney Bernie Tully wants to emphasize that our law firm has handled many many parking lot injury cases over the years.
What have we found?
That the basis for the case to establish the defendant was careless comes down to this situation:were you hit in the parking lot by another car usually when the cars backing out? if so you should call us immediately.
Why is this occurrence
so common in parking lot injury cases? Perhaps it has to do with the fact that the driver is looking around for other cars and is not especially looking for a person walking in or through the parking lot.
It is just much harder to see a person than a car.
Therefore if you are hit by another car while they are backing out you were in a very very good position legally.
The reason you are in a good position legally in that unfortunate situation is that the defendant driver has an obligation to look around his area while he is backing out.
The fact that a pedestrian is harder to see doesn’t absolve the driver from responsibility.
Another situation that occurs in parking lot accident cases is another car hits your car and causes your injuries.
Specifically if you are in your own car and another car bangs you or cuts in front of you and causes a collision you are legally in a good position.

Again if we can establish someone else was at fault in your parking lot injury case the likelihood of getting you $ skyrockets.
If you would like to learn more about parking lot injury cases or want to discuss your parking lot injury claim with us, it is easy. Just pick up the phone and give us a call and we will discuss your case at no charge and with no obligation to you. Does that sound fair?
Hopefully you will know within a couple minutes of calling us that we are a caring compassionate law firm who want to help you with your claim.
Thanks for reading and talk to you soon!
Bernie Tully Esq.