How Much $ Is My Neck Surgery Worth?

Q. I had neck surgery due to an auto accident. It was the other guys fault. What is that kind of case worth?
How much money will I get for that kind case with neck surgery?
A Let me give you a very lawyer like answer. Are you ready?
It depends.
But wait don’t delete this blog just yet. Let me explain my answer.

Pittsburgh neck surgery and accident attorney Bernie Tully wants to be honest with you. I just don’t know. At least not yet.
A lot of times this question will be asked to us by a prospective client. Or a caller on the phone out of the blue.
They want to know how much their case is worth. This is a very practical question that a person wants answered with some degree of certainty.
However no attorneys is able to answer that question without knowing other information about the claim.
For example did you have neck problems prior to the accident? How long was it from the time of the car collision until you had the surgery? Did your doctor say that the surgery you had was because of the car collision? Could there be other reasons why you had the surgery?
Did the surgery cause you to miss work? What type of work did you do?
How much actual time did you miss from work? Do you have out-of-pocket expenses? What is the outstanding medical bill for your surgery? Are you required to pay that amount back? Is the type of insurance you have an ERISA backed plan?
Once I have a good handle on those questions I can give you a realistic range of value for your neck surgery auto accident case.
But unfortunately until that information is obtained any number I give you is strictly a guess.
It should be pretty obvious from this blog that every case is individual and unique. No two cases are alike in terms of $$ value.
Now this is strictly my own personal opinion but if you reach out to an attorney on the Internet and ask them for the value of your and they give it to you without asking any the above questions a bell should be going off in your head. You should asking yourself how the attorney can come up with that number.The answer is they cannot.
I will say in response to the general question of what’s the value of your neck surgery case, that usually surgery cases result in big jury verdicts.
We have had neck surgery cases that have resulted in very significant awards. Plus we are currently involved in several neck surgery cases at our office.
Call our office to see if we are the right fit for you. I feel confident you will find we are.