A Secret Tip to Find Out if the Offer is Really the Top Offer

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We are here today to share a secret that we sometimes use to determine if the insurance companies are giving us their best offer. In other words, is there a way to find out if the top offer the insurance adjuster makes is actually the top offer?

Note: This does not work in every case and must be done on an individual basis. We have, however, used it with considerable success over the years.

Our Secret Tip: Suppose we get a top offer of $90,000 to settle your injury or car accident case and to pay for your surgery. How do we know that $90,000 is their top offer? Could it change at all prior to trial?

Well here is an example of what could be done: Ok, so you got the top offer of $90,000 before you filed the lawsuit. You then file the lawsuit and send a copy to the insurance adjustor who offered $90,000. If the offer is not increased, then you know you received the top offer.

However, sometimes an insurance company will bring in a 2nd level insurance adjustor to the case. Often that insurance adjuster will want to avoid incurring additional costs related to hiring a defense attorney. These insurance companies will contact us to try throw a little bit more money on the original $90,000 top offer in an effort to minimize their overall legal exposure.

This process works with some (but not all) insurance companies. We have a track record with certain insurance companies who this does and doesn’t work with on a consistent basis. If we are working together, we would be happy to share this information and do everything we can to help you get the most $$ for your claim.

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