June 2019 Newsletter

What Is New At Tully Law?

As a new service to our clients, we are starting to post YouTube videos giving specific answers to legal questions we get daily from clients like you. Just go to YouTube at Bernard M. Tully Injury Law and my channel (can you believe that) will come up. If you have a specific question, call us and it may become the basis for a YouTube video. For example, here is a list of 3 recent injury questions we posted on YouTube.

a. 3 things to Know Before Your IME.
b. What if I am a pedestrian. Who pays my bills?
c. 2 things to be happy about if the other side lies about how your accident happened.

What Is New At Tully Law? Part 2:

We have also developed a series of 12 to 15 questions you can ask the wrongdoer’s adjuster concerning the value of your case. I have found that these are the common questions insurance companies ask us in order to set a reserve on your claim. Just call us for the list of questions. The idea is to try and help you whether you use our services or not!

Common Questions We Get On The Phone:

1. If I am injured and get medical treatment, do I have to pay back my car insurance company for the medical bills they pay?

Answer: Thankfully, no. You have medical coverage on your policy that pays for it. This entitles you to have your medical bills paid up to at least $5,000 for any treatment you receive related to the accident. And since your insurance company prorates the medical bills, it is actually more like about $8,000 in medical coverage. ALL FREE!

2. Do all my medical bills get paid if I am injured in a car accident while working? What if I am hurt in a workers comp situation and get a recovery against the 3rd party company? Do I have to pay those bills back to workers compensation?

Answer: Unfortunately, yes. Under the law if you get a $$ recovery for an injury from some third party besides your own employer, as the result of a work injury, you do have to pay back the workers compensation lien. However, the good news is you get a credit for the attorney fees off of that number. Say, for example, your medical bills are $1,000. If your attorney fees are one third of that, that means you only have to pay back 67% of the $1,000. See how it works? If you do not have an attorney and pursue the same claim, you would have to pay back the whole amount because you do not get credit for attorney fees. So there is some advantage to having us involved in your claim!

What Is New In The Tully Family?

Let me start by saying our family is as dysfunctional as the next family. Lol But there is some good news to report this month. My wife Michelle loves to travel. Me not so much. I am just a Pittsburgh guy thru and thru. Any way her next trip is in October. Michelle is going with her sister Linda to China! So God bless her for wanting to see the world. I am happy at home with a coffee and a rerun of Modern Family!

Meanwhile our youngest daughter, Katie, is going for her PhD in Psychology. Katie just finished up her first year of the program. I am ready for the Rorschach test.

Lastly, baby Lyla, Kevin and Brandy’s newborn, is doing great. She is beautiful!

Congratulations to Helen P. who will receive a $50 check for winning last month’s Newsletter question.

Now for your chance to win $50: What national holiday is celebrated in the month of June?

Pirate Question: Why do you think Pirate attendance is down?

Steeler Nation: How do you think the Steelers will do this year? Training camp starts soon!

Penguins: Has parity caught up with the Pens? Will they be able to keep their 13 year playoff run going?

Google Reviews: We are always looking for more and more (hopefully positive) Google reviews. But our entire staff (including myself) are very glad that we have currently received over 50 5 Star Google reviews from satisfied clients. I know our staff works very hard trying to help you with your legal concerns. So thank you very much for the positive feedback!

Last, and most importantly, Thank You sincerely for all your kind referrals to our firm. You are truly the best!

Your friend and lawyer,

Bernard M. Tully