October 2019

Breaking News – New Pennsylvania Law

Last month we reported a change in the area of auto owner rights. The household exclusion law was used by insurance companies to legally hurt you. Here is how: if you were seriously injured on your motorcycle or 2nd car and collected the policy limits from the wrong doer, you could NOT under most circumstances make an underinsurance claim on the car you owned (say your primary car) for your injuries. This was because the Household Exclusion Rule, written into almost every policy issued by insurance companies, excluded this right of yours.

However, in the Gallagher case our Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently overruled that and said it violated the law!

But wait, there is more good legal news. The question then became is the new law retroactive? Meaning can anyone else who was injured before they settled their case, take advantage of the new Pennsylvania law? Well the Pennsylvania Superior Court in fact made the Gallagher decision retroactive! So that is another major win for us the consumers! 2 wins in a row for victim’s rights!

So What’s In It For You Dept

The benefit (hopefully) of reading our Newsletter is you learn about the law (like the Household Exclusion Rule) in Pennsylvania on auto and pedestrian injury cases.

YouTube Videos

If you want to learn a little bit MORE about personal injury law, please try our YouTube videos. We try to deal almost exclusively with the area of injury law and the different parts of injury law.  Watch a few videos and see what you think. My website page is www.telltully.net. We even have a section just for videos. We hope you watch them.

Did You Know That The Pennsylvania State Police are the 3rd largest statewide law enforcement agency in America?

They recently stopped collecting data on the race of ticketed drivers. Many fear the result of that decision will make it more difficult to detect bias on why drivers are pulled over. What do you think?

What’s New In The Tully Family

Last month Michelle and I went to the Pittsburgh Rivers Casino to watch Jay Leno perform. He gave an incredible performance. He basically told jokes for 90 minutes non- stop. I was just amazed that Jay, who is 69 years old, has the stamina for all the travel and stage work that is necessary to make a successful show. Way to go Jay!

Did anyone else see Leno recently in Pittsburgh?

What’s New In The Tully Family-Part 2

Our new granddaughter Lyla is just beautiful! She is an absolute joy to babysit. Although Michelle does 99% of the babysitting, sometimes I even get into the act. LOL

Lastly, Katie, our youngest daughter who is going for her Psychology PhD degree, is now allowed to meet with students who have psychological issues and try to help them. Congratulations Dr. Kati! We are so proud of you Katie!

Pittsburgh Sports

Wow! What happened? The Pirates did a swan dive after the All Star break and are in a dismal state right now. In addition to everything else, their ace relief pitcher has criminal charges against him. Yuck

The Steelers, as of this writing, are 0-3 and have lost Big Ben for the season. That is clearly a terrible situation to be in. It will be a good chance to see if Coach Tomlin can rally the team and make a run for the play-offs.

Penguins – Well they at least won their exhibition opener and have the basis for a decent team. Maybe even a deep play-off run if all goes according to plan. Go Penguins!

Corny Joke Department

Q: What do you call a ghost comedian? A: Dead Funny!

Q: Why don’t fish play tennis? A: They are afraid of the net!


New Word Department

Inchoate – incomplete; also recently started but not completed. Example: Attempted burglary is an inchoate crime, but it is still a crime!

Congratulations To Catherine P. who won last month’s Newsletter drawing. Catherine will receive a $50.00 check from our office.

Now For October’s Question: What day of the week does Halloween fall on this year?

Readers, thank you again for all your kind referrals! You are what keeps us in business!

Your friend and lawyer,

Bernard M. Tully