The Single Biggest Danger of TV and Radio Injury Lawyers


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Why you should be leery about going with TV or radio injury lawyers that are advertising for your personal injury, or car accident case? You have to be very careful in my estimation for this reason: they only want the biggest cases.

Last month, a client said that she was in a minor injury case compared to what the TV and radio attorney’s handle. This woman called several firms, including the ones that are advertised on the television and radio, to see who could best help her. So she calls the TV attorneys and tells the secretary her problem. Of course, they had a couple questions.

The 1st question they asked the woman was, “Were you life-flighted from the accident?” Why would they ask that question? Because that means there are big, big injuries if you’re life-flighted.

2nd, they asked her “Did you have surgery? More than one surgery or not?” In this woman’s case, she didn’t.

Finally, the 3rd question they asked was, “Were you taken by ambulance from the scene?” Well no she wasn’t.

30-seconds go by and the secretary comes back on the phone and tells her they’re sorry but they can’t help her. The client didn’t even get the chance to talk to any attorneys. Why not? Because your case is not “big” enough lady. That is what they told her.

That is the reality you’re dealing with, with these TV and radio injury lawyers. Unless you have a catastrophic injury, that is the kind of treatment you are going to get. I’m not talking about it in theory. This is what our client just shared today.

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