Settling Your Case and Death

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Settling your injury case is like death. Without being too dramatic about it, the reason why is because there is a finality to it. Of course, when you die that’s the end of the ballgame in your earthly realm. Likewise in the settlement of your case, once you sign that release, you cannot go back later on.

You also can’t later on say, “I didn’t know I had all these extra problems. They didn’t come up until after I signed a release. I want to still make a claim for it.” At that point, it is too late. This is what insurance companies do to unsuspecting injury victims who don’t want to hire an attorney and don’t feel like they have any real injuries.

A lot of times an accident happens and it’s the other person’s fault. Within a week of the accident, you go see your family doctor or visit the emergency room. Next, when you’re starting to get a little bit better, you get a call from your insurance company. They try to talk you out of hiring an attorney by saying, “Why pay for an attorney? We can settle this ourselves and we’ll treat you well.” So you settle the case and before they give you any money, you have to sign the release.

At that point, another problem may arise that is something you can’t always predict: the development of a delayed reaction for your injuries. Once you’ve signed the release, that’s the end. We’ve seen this happen on too many occasions! We’ve seen instances where someone had to have surgery and they don’t get any credit for it because they already settled their case.  It’s so important to make sure you’re healthy before settling your injury case because you don’t want to run into any issues like this.

These insurance companies get out there and get people to sign the release for a couple of thousand dollars to end their case forever. You don’t want to do that. Even if you decide that you want to try to do it yourself, at least call Pittsburgh settlement and death attorney Bernard Tully. We’ll tell you about some pitfalls to watch out for in dealing with these kinds of situations. In our opinion, it’s in your best interest to be very cautious about signing any papers with an insurance company. We’re here to help you and we treat you like family. You’ll know that the first time you call!

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