Can’t Get PT or Surgery Due to COVID-19? What is the Effect on Your Case?

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A few clients have called us asking us questions concerning treatment during COVID-19. They are wondering what the insurance companies look to in terms of us getting them the most money during COVID-19? Getting you the most money for your injury case is what our goal is! You may be wondering how this all affects your case. Normally, maybe you would be going to physical therapy because of a personal injury accident. Not now due to this shutdown. How does not being able to participate in physical therapy due to COVID-19 impact the value of your case?

The main thing that determines how much money you’ll receive if you’re hurt is documentation of the treatment you are receiving. I’ve said many times if you’re doing the physical therapy at home, the insurance companies give that 0 weight. So how does COVID-19 affect you? Some good news about this is the insurance companies seem to be taking a reasonable approach to your dilemma. We’ve been calling them to inform them that our clients can’t get in for physical therapy because of the shutdown. They seem to be understanding that. The insurance companies’ only stipulation is that once this is all done, they want to see if you go back for additional treatment. If you do, they may increase the offer for you.

The other good news is that if you are getting physical therapy, seeing a chiropractor, going to your follow-ups, or maybe even having surgery, we’re getting those records for you. We want to document as much as we can, even to the point of where the surgery’s going be performed in the future. We’ve sent them along to the people with the money and will continue to do so. The fact that this will hopefully be a short shutdown in our society may not have much of an effect on what the offer is going to be in your case. I hope that helps to reassure you. Stay safe says physical therapy, surgery, and COVID-19 Attorney Bernard Tully.

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