Our New Approach to Injury Surgery Cases Asks You These 2 Questions…

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What are the 2 injury surgery case questions? First, what do you want the most from the case? What I thought most people would answer for this injury surgery case question is they want the most money from the case. I honestly get it, I would want that too. I’ve asked this to many other people and that’s a popular response, but there have been other answers which surprised me. One person said, “The biggest thing I would want is for other people to know that it wasn’t my fault.” Suppose you have an intersection accident. The other person claims our client wasn’t paying attention and our client says the other ran a red light. Who are you going to believe? People want to be vindicated and for others to know it wasn’t their fault. This is important to people. Is it important to you?

The 2nd injury surgery case question is what is your biggest fear about the idea of hiring an attorney or going forward with this case? My thought was most people would say, “The insurance company is giving me a lot less for the value of my case than it’s really worth.” However, I’ve got some shocking answers and it’s not good for the lawyers. A lot of concerns from people were that their lawyer was going rip them off. Wow! That’s not us. The fact that people thought they were going to get ripped off by their attorney, or their attorney wasn’t taking them seriously, or the attorney was a know-it-all was a serious concern for people.

Even though the clients went through the surgery, people were fearful that the attorney would be able to dictate how the case would go. I also received responses that people were concerned about their attorney talking down to them and not treating them like an equal. These are things that are helping me understand what’s important to you as a client and an injury victim. If you can email, text, or respond to our YouTube video in any way, please do so. We’re people just like you that aren’t trying to do anything other than to get you to the best result we can.

Our main focus is honesty. We always preach it. We are passionate about trying to help any injured person or family member with their case. Questions about the blog? CALL US!

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