May 2020

THANK YOU ALL: We wish to gratefully thank Donna S., Nellie N., Diane W., Mel G. and Wanda T. for their recent referrals of injury clients to us. It really helps us. Thank you all!

WHAT IS NEW AT THE TULLY LAW FIRM: We are all in Coronavirus time but we are still committed to being there for you. The Tully Law Firm is honestly doing everything we can to get you the most $$ for your injury claim! How? Well, although we are no longer permitted into our building (like everyone else) ALL OF US, including Michael, Mary, Denise and Pam are working remotely. If you need anything, please call us at 412-281-8700, which rolls over to my cell, or e-mail Being available to you is one way we distinguish our firm from others. We are with you 100%.


CORONAVIRUS AND THE LAW: Courts have been shut down indefinitely due to the virus. Legally, when we get back to normal, which cases get priority? We had several cases on the trial list before the shutdown. Stay tuned.

NEW TECHNOLOGY: ZOOM AND THE LEGAL PROFESSION: Have you tried Zoom, the newest platform for online video communications? This is a great method to quickly communicate with clients or loved ones who live far away and can’t travel. It is also a good way to keep in contact with friends and relatives. We have a mediation scheduled this month and the defense attorney, who is based in Philadelphia, and I will conduct the mediation through Zoom. I always prefer doing the mediation in person, but with the limitations due to the Coronavirus, it is the best option available. Have you tried Zoom? Let me know how you like it.

THANK YOU, HEALTHCARE WORKERS, FIRST RESPONDERS, AND ANYONE ELSE WHO IS KEEPING OUR COUNTRY RUNNING! I can’t say enough about the incredible job the doctors, nurses, residents and all other members of the healthcare community have done in handling the Coronavirus. The same with our EMT’s, police, and firemen. With the massive influx of patients, as well as the stress of dealing with the highly contagious virus, these people have been incredible working on the front-line and still doing everything in their power to help us. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

WHY STACKING INSURANCE POLICIES MATTER: If you have several cars on your auto insurance policy, you have the option to “Stack” those policies for added coverage. For a slight increase in your premium, you can combine the policies together to increase your underinsurance protection. For instance, if you own 2 cars each with $100,000 in underinsurance coverage, and you purchase stacking, your coverage will now be $200,000! This is very important in a serious injury case and why you should get it. FREE legal advice! LOL

NETFLIX SENSATION: JOE EXOTIC: THE TIGER KING: The #1 Netflix show  is a fascinating documentary that takes viewers on a wild ride! Without giving any spoilers away, Joe Exotic is an eccentric zoo keeper who owns and displays Big Cats (tigers, lions, etc.) to the public in Oklahoma. Joe has a unique group of employees and is MUST WATCH TV. It isn’t every day that a zoo keeper finds himself investigated by the FBI for a Murder For Hire Plot!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CLASSIC MOVIE? Do you remember Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid starring Paul Newsman and Robert Redford? Raindrops keep falling on my head … It has one of the greatest endings of all time! What is your favorite Western Movie?

CONGRATULATIONS TO: Gloria R. who won our $50.00 prize for successfully answering April’s Newsletter question. Great job!

NOW FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN $50.00: Mother’s Day always falls on what day of the week?

JOKE TO THE MONTH: Why do we tell actors to “Break A Leg”? Because every play has a cast!

WORD OF THE MONTH: Benevolent: Adjective. Well-meaning and kindly. He was a benevolent boss.

WHEN WILL SPORTS RETURN? With the threat of spreading the Coronavirus, the NBA and NHL regular seasons have been canceled just as the playoffs were about to begin. MLB has moved back the start of their season, and the NFL is conducting the draft remotely. What are the NBA and NHL going to do? Cancel the playoffs and consider it a lost season? Do you have any suggestions on what should be done?

Thanks for reading, you are wonderful!


Bernard M. Tully and Michael J. Tully