A Proven Way To Get Credit For Your Injuries During COVID-19 with Zoom

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Zoom can increase the $ value of your case. Here is how. Lately, many clients have been asking us how they can prove that they’re actually getting treatment. I’ve told you before the insurance companies will not consider home exercises as real physical therapy. They think everybody is lying and you get zero credit for it.

The dilemma in this coronavirus environment is a lot of these health care providers are shut down and aren’t taking patients. They will tell clients, “Give us a call when you’re done with your exercises to let us know if you had a good day or you’re hurting.” So what do you do if you’re hurting and want to get treatment? Also, how do you get credit for the treatment that you’re receiving so the insurance company has proof when they’re evaluating your claim?

A client had an epiphany moment and called to tell us her great idea to solve this problem! Even though she was still hurting and couldn’t physically go to her physical therapist’s office, the doctor had a great solution. They’re doing videos for her physical therapy treatments through Zoom. How it works is like this: the client is in their home on one end of the camera and with a physical therapist on the other instructing the client what to do. This allows the doctor to document the exercises to go into the reports. This way you will get credit from the insurance company because the doctor was able to report it. They can then calculate that and they feed it into their computer to give you a fair offer.

So instead of promising you are telling the truth, you’re getting this physical therapy at home it is documented by the therapist. I highly recommend you talk to your physical therapist, chiropractor, or medical doctor about using Zoom video so it can be recorded. This would give you, the injured victim, credit for partaking in your exercises to get you the money you deserve.

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