June 2020

THANK YOU ALL: We wish to gratefully thank June H., Nellie N.,  Arla P., Amy A., and Ron H. for their kind referrals. Referrals are what keep us going. We thank you all!

WHAT IS NEW AT THE TULLY LAW FIRM: Coronavirus Cases: COVID-19 Nursing Home Deaths and What Nursing Homes Do To Avoid Legal Responsibility. We have been retained to represent several families in COVID-19 death cases that occurred in nursing homes.

What we are finding is shocking about what nursing homes are doing to avoid their legal responsibility. Some nursing homes who know a patient is very ill and has suspected COVID-19 symptoms will send them out of their nursing home to a hospital. The poor patient may die in the hospital. Here is the evil part. Some nursing homes do not count a person who is sent out of their facility to a hospital with COVID-19 and then dies of COVID-19 in the hospital as a death from their facility! Our firm will go after these nursing homes for what they are doing to these poor patients. Call for a free Coronavirus nursing home death evaluation. No recovery/NO fee and NO upfront $$.

CORONAVIRUS QUESTIONS: WHAT IF YOUR EMPLOYER ORDERS YOU TO RETURN TO WORK TOO SOON? One of the key issues facing many employees is if your employer orders you to return to work when you aren’t comfortable or safe doing so. Or what if the employer wants you to report to your job when it is premature or in defiance of a governmental order? Can you be terminated from your job if you refuse to return to work? We do not handle Employment Law but if you call us we will help you locate an Employment Lawyer who will be able to help you if the need arises. We honestly are here for you!

ZANTAC AND CANCER: Many of you have read that the FDA issued a Zantac Recall because some ingredients in it may be cancer causing agents. If you have used Zantac for a long period of time and have recently been diagnosed with cancer, please contact us for help!

THANK YOU SUPERMARKET AND GROCERY STORE WORKERS: Doctors, nurses, aids and all other members of the healthcare community have been justifiably praised for their efforts in helping patients and the community at large during the Coronavirus crisis. Let’s remember also the employees at supermarkets and grocery stores like Costco, Walmart and Giant Eagle. They deserve our thanks for all they do in keeping the shelves stocked, working the registers and helping ensure that people have access to essential necessities such as food and water. Supermarket workers are interacting with the public on a daily basis, often in crowded settings, and deserve our thanks for helping out during this crisis. THANK YOU WORKERS!

MAYHEM ON MOTHER’S DAY: Many people wanted to give their wives and mothers a break from cooking on Mother’s Day so they ordered food online for pickup. Unfortunately, this led to an absolutely chaotic scene around Pennsylvania as chain stores such as Red Lobster and Olive Garden were bombarded with orders (often large ones) that they were not able to keep up with. Did that happen to you?

HOME SCHOOLING YOUR CHILDREN DURING THE CORONAVIRUS: When schools were shut down throughout Pennsylvania in March, parents everywhere found themselves with a new job title: Part-time teachers. Did that happen to you? After this experience, I think most people would agree that teachers are essential! God bless teachers and nurses for their work and dedication!

CONGRATULATIONS TO: Mark A. who won our $50.00 prize for successfully answering May’s Newsletter question. Great job!

NOW FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN $50.00: On what date does Flag Day always fall on in June? On this date, the Second Continental Congress officially adopted the Flag of the United States of America, for you history buffs.

JOKE OF THE MONTH: What did the fish says when he hit the brick wall? Dam! Thanks to Ben my grandson for the joke!

WORD OF THE MONTH: Incogitant. Adjective. Thoughtless and inconsiderate. The incogitant rooster always wakes up my baby at the crack of dawn.

WHAT IS THE REAL VALUE OF HIRING US FOR YOUR INJURY CASE: It is knowing that you are not just another case to us. Also knowing it is no longer just you against the insurance company. Getting your records, filling out insurance forms, fighting off bill collectors, getting a good settlement, etc. It can get overwhelming trying to do it yourself. Having us do all this for you feels pretty comforting to most people. Want an attorney you can trust and is on your side? Call the Tully Law Firm at 412-281-8700.

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