Hit By Person Texting While Driving? Insist Your Attorney Do This 1 Thing

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If you haven’t been a victim of a texting while driving accident, I’m sure you at least know someone personally who has or have heard of someone in the news who has been. The person involved in the accident was rear-ended because the other driver wasn’t paying attention. They were texting while driving. Sound familiar?

What You Should Do?

Carnegie Mellon University did a study that said texting while driving is the equivalent of driving drunk. Even though the person is sober their reaction time to stop their car is the same as a drunk! If you happen to be a victim who was hit by somebody texting while driving, what should you do?

You should insist that the attorney file for what is called punitive damages. You would do this because punitive damages are designed to deter others from similar conduct in the future. It also helps society because a lot of people want to stop others from texting while driving. Plus, the value financially to a punitive damage claim is that it is money that you can be awarded by a jury in addition to your regular compensation for your pain, surgery, and any wage loss.

So let’s say your compensation part of the case, is worth a hundred thousand dollars. This is specifically for your surgeries and anything else related to the accident. If you make a claim for punitive damages, the law allows you to add on to that hundred thousand dollars. This amount is what the jury determines is the adequate compensation to deter others from texting while driving in the future.

Insist Your Attorney Does 1 Thing

It’s a very valuable tool that you could use and our suggestion for you is to insist that your attorney file a lawsuit that includes a claim of punitive damages in your case. For some reason, not every lawyer is doing it. We strongly suggest you do it to not only to help you now, but for others in the future.

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