Deaths and Coronavirus: 2 Things Needed to Sue Nursing Homes or the Food Industry

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Can a nursing home be sued because someone there dies from Coronavirus? There are two steps to answering the question of can you sue a nursing home. First, you have to show that someone died tragically from of Coronavirus. Second, you have to show that the person died because of someone else’s negligence.

In nursing homes, it is important that the staff adequately provides a sanitary environment for the residents, as they live in close quarters with each other. The negligence of nursing home staff may have led to nursing home residents passing away from the Coronavirus as reported in the news. In the food industry, Tyson Foods allegedly did not provide their employees with enough time to wash their hands between shifts. Some food organizations are more focused on getting their products out than ensuring that their products are safe and healthy to eat. If this mindset leads to the spread of Coronavirus and resulting deaths among employees, then you have the basis for a death claim.

A lot of times, we hear pushback from organizations and insurance companies. For example, in a nursing home, they sometimes see it as, “Well they were elderly and were going to die anyway.” Imagine that!

There’s also another concept in the law that can help your situation, called The Eggshell Rule. The Eggshell Rule occurs when a defendant who causes a fatality takes the victim as they find him/her. It doesn’t matter if they’re elderly, or have pre-existing injuries. If you have a family member who dies from Coronavirus, you have to show that somebody else’s carelessness led to the fatality to sue a nursing home. Is that your situation?

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