The Importance of Trust: A Pittsburgh Lawyer’s Personal Story

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Today’s blog involves a personal story about TRUST and the importance of trust. This story is about evaluating your attorney and the trust factor. This true story happened to me this week with my dentist.

I have been going to Gary, my dentist, for a long time. Gary told me that my back tooth was not looking good and I was going to need a root canal. No one wants to have a root canal. The ultimate question that I had to answer, and you have to with your attorney, is if you can trust them or if they are just trying to make $ in this situation. I can’t look in my mouth to know if I really need the root canal or not. What mattered was what I said to my dentist next. I said, “Gary, if you believe that I need a root canal, I trust you and I believe you.”

The Importance of Trust

Why was my decision instantaneous? Trust. You might be asking, “What does this have to do with injury law and Pittsburgh lawyer Bernard Tully? Well at some point or another, you are going to get an offer from the other side and the question you are going to ask is the same one that I had when I was with my dentist. What do you think I should do? This is where trust comes in and why it is so crucial.

If you do not trust your attorney, you don’t know if he is going to try to sell you out or not. But if you trust your attorney, you are going to feel comfortable that whatever advice that they give you is the correct advice and what they really believe.

Honestly, I cannot tell you how many times our clients in the past say that very thing. I tell them what the offer is and my opinion and the response is often, “I trust you, Bernie so whatever you decide, let’s go with it.”

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