2 Easy Ways Maximize Underinsurance Claim Recovery

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Today’s blog is about 2 crucial things you need to know to successfully maximize your underinsurance claim and get $. An underinsurance claim is a case where the wrongdoer who caused the accident either doesn’t have any insurance or has inadequate coverage in order to make you whole. You can make a 2nd claim thru your own insurance company in some cases. This is called underinsurance. So, what are the 2 crucial things you must know in order to successfully get you the most money?

Mediation of Your Underinsurance

First, if they will agree to mediation of your underinsurance (UIM) claim, you have to make sure the adjuster is there at the mediation. Why is that important? If the collision occurred in Pennsylvania and the adjuster is in Florida, it is easy for the Florida adjuster on the phone to say, “That is all we are giving you, take it or leave it.” When the adjuster has a stake in the game by having to get on a plane and come to your area, they have a reason to try to get it resolved because they have invested a lot of hours in the process. We require, if we are going to do a mediation on an underinsurance case, the adjuster for the other side must be at the mediation. Your success rate if you have the adjuster there is about 98%. That is why most of our mediations settle.

Be Prepared for Your Underinsurance Case

The 2nd crucial fact to know about an underinsurance case is that you have to have everything lined up. You can’t say, “Well, we will get you those records in the future.” Before you agree to the mediation, you must have all of the records and medical bills so that you can present it to the other side. Why? Because they will not accept you on your word and it won’t settle your case, unless they see the records. So follow these 2 steps to maximize underinsurance claim.

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