Our Goal Time Frame To Settle Your Case

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I got a call from a client a few months ago asking the question – What is the best time frame to settle a case?

The short answer is: The best time frame to settle your case is whenever we get the real top offer from the insurance company. But each case and situation are different. In most cases, the best time is shortly before you file suit. Why would I say that? Because before you file suit, you normally have the number that you are going to be given by the first level insurance adjuster and you haven’t spent a lot of money. The hard part for injury cases related to a surgery or an injury that is a soft tissue in nature is determining when you reasonably think you have the best offer prior to going to suit.

Once you file suit there are filing fees, sheriff service fees, doctor’s deposition fees, and retaining experts’ costs. The point of it is that money starts to be spent quickly. At our firm, we advance all costs if we are representing you in a case. We do fund it all upfront. However, if there is a settlement, that money will ultimately be taken out of your settlement. It is usually a small amount but it is a consideration in deciding whether to take the $ or not.

For example, if you could get $50,000 for your offer just before you file suit, it is likely, if you go all the way forward with your trial you would need at least $65,000 to get to the same number because of all of these costs. Ultimately, just prior to filing the lawsuit is often the best time to settle your case. Why? Because you haven’t run up all of the bills discussed above.

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