How Do Insurance Companies Evaluate My Injury Case?

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“How do insurance companies evaluate my injury case?” We are often asked this by people injured in an accident, usually a motor vehicle accident.  After their accident, they had to get treatment at the emergency room hospital, go to therapy, and on top of that they lost days at work. So how do insurance companies then come up with a $ offer to someone for the value of a case. There are two types of complaints that are noted in an injured person’s medical records that the insurance companies evaluate.

Objective Evaluation

The 1st evaluation is objective. If there’s an objective finding in your treating doctor’s records when they evaluate and treat you, that’s going to carry a lot of weight for the insurance company. An example would be muscle spasms. You can’t fake a muscle spasm since it’s an involuntary mechanism. If it’s in the hospital or therapy records that the client had muscle spasms for the last two months, it’s going to increase the value of a case significantly.

Subjective Complaints

The 2nd evaluation is subjective complaints. This would be when people say they’re hurting, missing work, or not sleeping well at night. Things like these are more suspect and insurance companies might not necessarily believe it.

In our last car injury accident case, a question was asked, “Who thinks that the client is exaggerating their injuries?” There were 35 prospective jurors and guess how many raised their hand and said they agreed with the question? 35! All 35 of them thought that the client was embellishing their symptoms. 

So objective and subject complaints are what the insurance companies use to evaluate your injury case. They look in your medical records to evaluate their settlement offer to you. Let us help you get the maximum value for your claim from your insurance companies and contact us today!

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