1st. We have stopped doing criminal cases with rare exceptions. We are now entirely focused on personal injury cases, specifically DEATH cases and SERIOUS bodily injury cases involving SURGERIES.

2nd. Our practice has really taken off since Michael J. Tully joined our firm over 3 years ago. Michael may be the BEST attorney I’ve ever listened to on the phone with clients, fellow attorneys, and adjusters. People just seem to like him because of his pleasing personality. Don’t take my word for it. Call our office at 412-281-7121 and speak with him. You will immediately know what I mean.

3rd. On a personal level, since Covid hit I have become more religious. I wear a hat with a cross on it because I want people to know that Jesus is the center of my life. It has taken me 70 years to be able to say that without embarrassment or apology. At the end of the day we are all brothers and sisters.

4th. Everyone in our firm actively follows the Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates. We also regularly watch Penn State football and basketball, as well as the University of Pittsburgh’s football and basketball teams, and Duquesne as well. We root for any Pennsylvania sports team!

5th. My lovely daughter Jessica (Michael’s twin) was recently married in a beautiful ceremony up at State College to her long time love, Kevin. Yes, I cried walking Jessica down the aisle! They are both attorneys. Jessica is in private practice representing disabled children in school matters and is performing compassionate legal work for families of disabled children. Kevin is an assistant public defender in Allegheny County. Kevin has been to every home and away Penn State football game for over 10 years.

6th. My son Kevin is happily married to his wife Brandy and they now have 2 beautiful young children Lyla and Cal. That makes 2 more grandchildren for Michelle and me and we love it. Kevin is also a lawyer and they are both loving parents.

7th. Our daughter Katie is almost done her PhD program in psychology in New York. We could not be prouder of her. Dr. Kathleen Tully-how cool is that?

8th. My other daughter Elizabeth is happily married to her husband Ryan, and they live in Des Moines, Iowa. Again, 2 loving parents. They have 3 fantastic children Ben, Evan and Adalyn. We love all our grandchildren immensely.

9th. Shifting back to the Tully Law Firm, we still regularly send out a free Newsletter to over 7000 past and present clients. Readers refer us cases because they know we care about them.

10th. I was recently admitted to the Million Dollar and Multi- Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Selection to the group is limited to the top 2% of the lawyers in the country. It is not a group you can just buy into by paying a fee. You have to be able to provide documented proof that you settled a case for $1 million and also proof that you have recently settled multiple, multimillion dollar cases. Readers know I am not an egotist. But I am pleased to say with the help of Michael, Denise our paralegal and Mary our secretary we have done it!

Denise and Mary have been with us for approximately 19 years each. Hopefully that says something about our work environment at the office. Angela Tully has been our bookkeeper even longer. As everyone knows, it is hard to keep any staff that long. I am blessed.

So that is a brief update of what we’ve been doing over the last several years. We hope it helps you understand what we are trying to do at the Tully Law Firm-namely to get you the most $$ we can for the injuries you sustained.

Thanks for reading! Are you still awake? Lol

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Your friends and attorneys,

Bernard M. Tully and Michael J. Tully