An Unexpected Slip, Trip, and Fall Can Happen to Anyone

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A common question clients often ask is, “What should I do at the scene immediately after my slip-and-fall accident?” An unexpected, slip, trip, and fall case can be challenging to win. The defense insurance company will say you weren’t paying attention or that they didn’t know there was anything wrong, or hazardous, with the area in which you fell. To help us help you with your unexpected slip and fall injury, here are 3 things you can do at the scene of your unexpected, slip, trip, and fall accident.

Document The Unexpected Slip, Trip, and Fall

If you happen to be a victim of a slip and fall accident, the best thing we suggest you do is to take a look at the ground or floor to see what caused you to fall. Was it a crack in the pavement? Was it an object or spilled liquid that caused your fall? If you have your phone with you, take a picture or video of the area! This will be invaluable at a later point to help you with your injury case.

Collect Witness Names and Phone Numbers

Scan the area to see if there’s anybody nearby who witnessed your fall. Or if someone assisted you at the scene after your fall, that’s even better! Make sure to get their name and phone number because then we can contact them to corroborate your story. Sometimes clients will tell us someone was there, but they didn’t get their name. If you’re able to get someone’s name and phone number, that will help strengthen your case. 

Look for Signage

Finally, look around your surrounding area and see if there’s a sign indicating that work was being done on the area. For example, let’s say your slip and fall accident was on a sidewalk. Try to get the name of the company that was doing work on the area because that may help settle your slip and fall case.

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