Pittsburgh Intersection Collision Cases

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Previously, we received a call from a woman who was a passenger in a car that participated in a Pittsburgh intersection collision. With intersection collisions, there is usually one person at fault.

Our caller was a passenger in the car that was at fault in the accident and was significantly injured. She did not want to sue the driver of the car she was in even though that driver was at fault. What do you do if you are in this situation?

Pittsburgh Intersection Collision

Our advice in this situation is this: You as the passenger should sue the other driver of the intersection collision. What will then likely happen is the insurance company for that driver who has been sued will turn around and sue the driver of the car you were in using as an additional defendant. The good news is you can recover from both drivers while not having to sue the person who was driving your car who you know. It is a procedure that we have used in the past and works effectively legally because always the insurance company for the person you sue is going to name the other party as an additional defendant in the case. You have a legal right to recover from both parties. It is a procedure that we have learned over the years that can work to solve this intersection car accident issue.

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