Do I Need A Lawyer?

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People are always SHOCKED when I tell them they may not need an attorney for their case. The first thing they think is, “What’s an attorney doing saying that I may not need their services to represent me?” If you have a minor injury case that involves some emergency treatment and maybe one follow-up, you can try to settle a case yourself. Even if it was somebody else’s fault, you may attempt to try to settle the case yourself because you may not need an attorney.

Do I Need A Lawyer?

I have actually told many people who have called our office not to use our services. I did this because they could do just as well on their own. If you call us, we will be honest with you and tell you whether we think there is a need to have an attorney.

Generally speaking, you are much better off with an attorney than you would be trying to do it yourself. For example, if I was going to try to buy a car, I would meet a car salesman. They know all the inside information because they sell cars often. If I would try to buy a car myself, I would miss a lot. This is what could happen when people try to settle their case themselves.

Sometimes it works out that you don’t need an attorney or need to pay attorney fees. On the other hand, I would say in the vast majority of cases you’re much better off at least talking to us. We will tell you straight up whether we think we can help you or if it’s even worth getting an attorney involved. We do this to keep your best interest at heart.

Our main focus is honesty. We always preach it. We are passionate about trying to help any injured person or family member with their case. Questions about the blog? CALL US!

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