September / October 2023

WHAT MAKES THE LAW FIRM OF TULLY & TULLY DIFFERENT? We do not forget clients after their case settles. How many lawyers do you know who contact their auto accident clients after their case settles and after the $$ has been distributed? We often call or email clients after their case is settled just to see how they are doing. We really do care and that is not just advertising talk.

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? Did you get your Pittsburgh Steeler, Pitt and Penn State University refrigerator magnet? If not, just call us today at 412-281-8700 and we will send it to you for FREE. Go Teams!

WHY READ OUR NEWSLETTER? Just by reading this Newsletter you will know more about the law than 99% of your neighbors. That is a fact!

WANT A FREE WEDDING RING, LADIES? The Pennsylvania Superior Court recently ruled that if a married man, whose marriage has not been finalized by divorce, gives an engagement ring to a woman, the ring is legally hers. Why? Because the man’s divorce was never finalized. Keep that in mind ladies. Lol

STEELWORKERS: If you worked at U.S. Steel Wheel and Axle in McKees Rocks, (West End) Pa. between the 1950’s and 1980’s and have recently been diagnosed with asbestosis, cancer or mesothelioma, call us at 412-281-8700. We may be able to help you recover $$.

WHAT IS THE GREAT NEWS ABOUT A WORKERS COMPENSATION CLAIM? As long as your injuries happened while you were working, you are almost always going to get money.

PEDESTRIAN INJURY CASES: When a pedestrian is hit by a car, the injuries are often traumatic. Recently there was a $10 million award for a pedestrian permanently disabled from a car accident. If you have any questions about your pedestrian rights, call us at 412-281-8700 even if you do not use our services.


An organization that hosted and charged an entrance fee at an event where alcohol was provided, but did not have a liquor license, cannot be held liable for injuries caused by a guest who gets drunk at the event. The High Court held that Dairy Farmers of America, Inc.’s buying and providing beer for an employee golf outing was insufficient to trigger liability. The drunk attendee left the event and hit another car causing catastrophic injuries.

TBI VICTIM THROWN FROM ATV DUE TO COMPANY’S DEFECTIVE DESIGN: An ATV manufacturer’s faulty design led a rider to first hear grinding noises from his right front wheel. Then the ATV rolled over and the victim suffered catastrophic injuries. The design defect of the ATV led to a huge product liability settlement.

WRONGFUL DEATH CASES: The Tully Law Firm Handles Wrongful Death and Death Claims Of Any Type. But what qualifies an attorney to be called a Wrongful Death Attorney? Mostly, it is having lots of experience representing families of deceased persons killed in some type of accident. Any attorney in Pa. who has passed the Bar Exam can advertise they do wrongful cases or are experienced in death cases. But do they know how to open an estate, get an administrator appointed as executor of the estate, or file an estate tax return for the estate? Do they know how to get court approval for a wrongful death settlement? Does the attorney know the difference between a wrongful death claim and a survivor claim? Trust me we have done over 50 wrongful death cases over the years and that is a lot of experience in death cases.

MICHAEL TULLY RINGS THE BELL AT ARBITRATION HEARING: We recently had a $16,000 offer for one of our car accident victims. Michael felt he could get our client more at an Arbitration hearing. So we rolled the dice. Michael got a non-appealed $40,000 award. He gets higher arbitration awards than his old man. I hope he keeps letting me work at the firm!

SERIOUS INJURY ALERT: Have you or any family member been exposed to asbestos, Zantac, CPAP machine injuries (the Phillips machines with their headquarters in Murrysville) or Camp Lejeune water contamination injuries? If so, you may be entitled to $$ damages for your injuries.

CLIENT WORDS TO LIVE BY: “A few dollars are better than no dollars”. That is what a recent client/friend said to me regarding the offer we got for her! Lol

CONGRATULATIONS TO: Nellie Nicholson who spotted the misspelled Newsletter word last month and won $50.00.

Your chance to win $100.00. Just find a spelling or typo error in this Newsladder and you will be in the drawing for a $100 prize.
Call us at 412-281-8700 and good luck!

Your friends and attorneys,
Bernard M. Tully and Michael J. Tully

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