Pedestrian Auto Accident Injuries


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Today, we want to discuss a critical topic: pedestrian auto accident injuries. It’s essential to understand that if you’re a pedestrian involved in a car crash, your situation is inherently more precarious than that of someone inside a vehicle. Why is that?

Well, when you’re a pedestrian, you lack the protection that a vehicle offers. You are directly impacted by a vehicle, and the consequences can be severe.

Pedestrian Auto Accident Injuries

Let us break it down a bit. Suppose you are a pedestrian crossing the street, as we had a case a few years ago. This person was struck while in a crosswalk, returning from mass. She sustained severe injuries, requiring surgery, and was expected to suffer a long-term injury. Despite the unusual circumstances, being in a crosswalk was a significant factor in her favor. The law generally supports pedestrians in crosswalks as safe zones.

Now, consider the scenario where you are not in a crosswalk, crossing against traffic, or not following traffic signals. This could include jaywalking or other illegal crossings. In these cases, your actions can negatively impact your case. Even if the other driver was not paying attention or was speeding, you might share some blame. It is always wiser to cross at designated crossings and follow traffic rules.

But even if your case involves a more challenging situation like jaywalking, it’s not necessarily the end of your case. We can employ investigators and accident reconstruction experts to determine the accident’s circumstances accurately. It’s not entirely one person’s fault. Factors like the car’s speed, lack of lights, or driver distraction can also play a role. We have dealt with all kinds of scenarios and represented clients in similar situations.

Our goal is to fight diligently on your behalf. Insurance companies do not readily part with their money, and we understand the challenges you might face if you attempt to navigate this process on your own. We will go the extra mile to negotiate and advocate for your best interests.

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