Intersection Collisions: How We Can Help You!


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Intersection Collisions

Today’s focus is intersection collisions. Unlike rear-end auto accidents, where faults are often clear, intersection collisions can be more complicated. In our 40+ years of experience, we have encountered countless cases where both parties claim they had the green light.

Determining fault in these situations becomes a legal battle. Insurance companies will only pay if their client caused the accident. So, what do we do as your attorneys in cases involving intersection collisions?

One of the first steps is hiring an investigator to visit the scene. We have several experienced investigators who gather statements, witness accounts, measurements, and even video footage if available. We also obtained the police report, which can provide detailed information on the incident, such as vehicle speeds and right-of-way details. Most insurance companies’ business model revolves around bringing in more money than they pay out. They often try to offer less than you deserve to increase their profit margins. That is why it’s crucial to have skilled legal representation.

In addition to hiring investigators, we employ accident reconstruction experts to investigate speed models and compare them to the police reports. We use all this information to negotiate with the other party’s insurance company to secure the maximum compensation for you.

Real World Example

In a previous case, we were helping a client involved in a fatal intersection collision case where our client was initially held responsible, according to the initial police report. However, through unwavering determination and effective cross-examination during the police officer’s deposition, we were able to expose discrepancies within the report. Ultimately, our diligent work led to the insurance company paying out the policy limits on the case to our client.

In summary, when we represent you in cases involving intersection collisions, we leave no stone unturned. Our goal is to get you the maximum compensation you deserve! We are here for you, always.

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