Steeler Magnets

I hope you enjoyed the football magnets we mailed to all our readers. If for any reason you did not receive a refrigerator magnet, please call us and we will get one to you pronto! It’s our way of saying Thanks!! for your patronage.

Nostalgic Moment: Empty Nesters (Sigh)

Well, I knew it was inevitable, but it finally happened. Our last child just went off to college. Michelle and I are now empty nesters!! It really is true what they say about kids growing up fast. I can still remember going to Cedar Point with our kids in a stroller! It seems like yesterday. The best advice I can give any reader is to enjoy every second with your children because it just goes too quickly!! If any of you readers have advice for us new nesters, please call me. Thanks.

Police Alert: You Be The Judge

Are police coffee runs covered by Workers Compensation? O.K., you have a desk job in a local police department. During your shift, you go outside the office to a Starbucks to get a coffee and are hurt crossing the street. Are you entitled to Workers Compensation for your injuries? Remember, you are on the clock at work, but not at your desk when the injury occurs. How would you decide? The Oregon Courts decided this issue and awarded Workers Compensation benefits to the officer. Why? One of the factors the Court pointed to in its decision was the officer took her cell phone with her when she went for the coffee and thus remained in touch with her employer. Interesting!

Pittsburgh Tribune Review

This question was reprinted from our weekly article that runs every Sunday in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. Also, every Monday we run a Wrongful Death/Serious Injury question in the Tribune Review’s local news section: Criminal Law! You Be The Judge: If a minor is convicted of first degree murderand gets a life sentence, can he be paroled in the future? Answer: probably. Just a few weeks ago the U.S. Supreme Court came out with a historic ruling. The High Court ruled that mandatory life sentences with no possibility of parole for juveniles are unconstitutional. The Court ruled mandatory life sentences for juveniles violates the U.S. Constitution, specifically the 8th Amendment’s “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” section. What the Court found unconstitutional were mandatory automatic sentences of life without parole for minors convicted of murder. Please check out our articles every Sunday and Monday in the Trib!

Nursing Home Cases/Arbitration Clauses

When your mom or dad has to go into a nursing home, you are often forced to sign an arbitration clause as a condition of admission into the nursing home. Why do nursing homes want you to sign such a clause? Because the arbitration clause usually forces you to give up your right to a jury trial. Instead, any injury or death case is decided by an arrangement much more favorable to the nursing homes than to the patients.
Are arbitration clauses legal? Well, one such case made it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and, unfortunately, the Court decided they are legal.
If your mom or dad goes into a nursing home and they want you to sign an arbitration clause, call me. I will at least review it for you for FREE so you will know what you are getting into before signing it.

ATV Rollover Victim Wins $8.4 Million

A driver who took a test drive on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV)and was crushed by its spinning tires when the vehicle rolled on top of him has won an $8.4 million jury verdict – even though he was drunk at the time of the accident!! Why? The answer is that even if the person injured on the ATV was drunk, it didn’t really matter because anyone would have been hurt in that situation, intoxicated or not!

$20 Million Verdict Upheld In Pool Slide Lawsuit
A Massachusetts judge has affirmed a $20 million jury award to the family of a Colorado woman who died after a Toys ‘R Us inflatable pool slide partially collapsed underneath her, killing her.

Question of the Month

Congratulations to Renee M-R. who correctly answered last month’s newsletter question for a $50.00 gas card prize.
O.K. Here Is This Month’s Question: What special event do Americans celebrate on October 31st? (Hint: the witch is out tonight)


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