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In the last few weeks, we have had about a half dozen current & prior clients call us regarding accident cases (or to refer their friends to us). I mean this sincerely: you readers are our lifeline. Yes, the yellow pages and the Internet bring us many cases, but it is mostly you loyal, dedicated readers who provide us the bulk of our new cases. Thanks readers! What a great Thanksgiving gift for us! I feel so good I might even let the staff off on Thanksgiving Day (Ha, Ha, just kidding.)

Texting While Driving and Punishment (Punitive) Damages

Eight people sustained injuries recently when a texting driver ran a red light and crashed into a bus in California. The impact caused the city bus to hit a curb, a tree, & a light post before coming to a stop.
The driver of the car and at least seven passengers on the bus were transported to local hospitals for treatment of their injuries.
For certain types of offenses, including punitive damages, the law allows an injured person to obtain money not only for their injuries, but also provides additional money to punish thewrongdoer for outrageous conduct. Texting while driving might very well allow an innocent victim like you to collect punishment (punitive) damages for the driver’s outrageous conduct. Please call me to discuss this.

Why Cases Take Time: Insurance Company – Bad Faith

Many of you readers wonder why it takes so long to settle your claims. After all, when your records and bills are collected, why can’t the insurance company just pay the claim? Often it’s because of the delaying tactics of the insurance company who has the money and wants to keep it. Here is an example from a case where the Court was pretty upset with the tactics of an insurance company. “The record … includes some evidence of troubling claims-handling practices by State Farm both in this case and in general. These include switching claims adjusters four times without explanation, habitually making offers at the lower end of valuation ranges, refusing to increase an offer without documentation of additional damages, failing to ask (the Plaintiff) to submit to an independent medical examination, and failing to include facts in the claim file that would support a jury verdict in (the Plaintiff’s) favor…
“Two of these practices, extending low offers and refusing to increase the valuation range, find support in the deposition testimony of State Farm’s own claims adjustors,” the Court said.

Negotiations – Just Walk Away Renee

One of the hardest things to do when you are close to a settlement in your case is to walk away from the negotiations to get a deal closer to what you want rather than what the insurance company is willing to pay you right now. Well that’s exactly what we did last week at a Mediation. My clients and I were willing to walk out of the negotiations, even though we were close to a deal. The result of this tactic was we got even more money than the insurance company’s top offer!! Thank you Jerrie B. for following my advice on this approach. It sure worked, didn’t it?

Hip Implant Cases – Lawsuits Begin Over Stryker Hip Implants

Just months after the Stryker hip replacement system was voluntarily recalled, the first lawsuits against its manufacturer, HowmedicaOsteonics Corp., have occurred. Unlike other hip implant cases, the alleged problems with the Stryker Rejuvenate Modular and ABG II involve the stem of the products, rather than the ball and socket joint.
That difference makes the injuries more significant, the fix more difficult and the damages more substantial. Fixing these implants surgically is difficult. Call me about this.


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