California Woman Who Gouged Her Eyes Sues For Viral Photo

A woman who gouged her own eyes with pencils filed a lawsuit against a Los Angeles hospital after a nurse there took a photo of her and it went viral on the Internet. She is accusing the hospital of negligent infliction of emotional distress. Hmmm..
OxyContin Maker Faces $1 Billion Lawsuit From Kentucky

The state of Kentucky is holding the drug maker responsible for the state’s drug problems. Kentucky is accusing Purdue Pharma of Medicaid fraud and false advertising. Kentucky claims Purdue Pharma misled doctors about the abusive nature of OxyContin, claiming it was difficult to abuse when in fact it is extremely addicting! Geez, everyone knows that.
Police Found Not Responsible In Wrongful Death Lawsuit Of Man Who Was Killed

A wrongful death lawsuit of a man shot and killed by Dayton, Ohio police ended in a defense verdict. The accused died during a buy-bust drug operation in which a detective’s hand was hit by a speeding vehicle causing his weapon to discharge and shoot the victim in the head.
Mayor’s Wife Faces $50 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The wife of a deceased mayor is being sued. The wife murdered the mayor over infidelity. The deceased mayor’s family then turned around and sued her for the wrongful death. Holy Peyton Place!
Woman Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Man Accused Of Killing Her Husband

A Birmingham, New York woman filed a wrongful death case against her husband’s killer. The 23 year-old Defendant was speeding when he struck and killed her 73 year-old husband on Interstate 91N. The lawsuit claims negligence and recklessness on the 23 year-old’s part, based on having marijuana in his system. Yes we do wrongful death cases.
Woman Appeals Dismissal Of Mississippi Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A Judge has thrown out a mother’s lawsuit against the makers of Omega-3 fish oil claiming there was insufficient evidence to prove that Omega-3 was responsible for the death of her 23 year-old son.
Deputies Of Santa Clara County Sheriff Faced With Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The family of a woman who was shot and killed by a Sheriff’s Deputy last year has sued the Department, citing excessive force and negligent law enforcement conduct. The family alleges that non-lethal force could have been used to stop an incident that resulted in the woman’s death.

Family Of Choking Victim Sues New York City for $75 Million

Eric Garner died at the hands of an officer who used a choke hold that was banned by NYPD procedural guidelines, after suspecting that he was selling untaxed cigarettes. Garner died as EMTs stood by without administering medical attention.
Did You Notice That Pittsburgh Police Officers are now wearing a camera on their shirts to record all encounters with individuals? This is probably a good thing for the protection of the police and for any people that the police encounter. What do you think?
Utah Motorcyclist Killed By A Tree Cut Down By Boy Scouts Who Were Away From The Scout Group

A man was killed while driving his motorcycle on State Route 12 in Utah when he collided with a fallen tree that was cut down by a group of Boy Scouts. The police said that the man had no time to react and there was nothing he could do to avoid the tree falling on his motorcycle and killing him. Two of the Boy Scouts had stepped away from the group that was cutting trees and they were the ones that cut the tree.
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