The #1 Reason the Insurance Company Will NOT Pull Their Offer

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Today’s blog is on a question we often get from clients who were involved in serious back injury cases. They say something like this: “We are happy that you got this offer. You want to try to get more $ for us and we appreciate it but we are worried that the insurance company is going to pull the offer. What do you advise?”

I have been in cases where I had a client with a serious back injury and there was a $100,000 offer to settle the case. I reviewed the case and said to my client that I believed that number was still not enough. I think that we could get more if we keep pushing this. A lot of times, clients again say, “Bernie, what if they pull the offer?”

My advice is they will NOT pull the offer for 1 specific reason – because they want to close files.

After 35 years of experience, I have only had 2 cases out of thousands of cases where the insurance company made a top offer and the client didn’t want to take it. They pulled the offer once we filed suit. If you are a gambling person, the odds are VERY good that the insurance company is not going to pull the offer.

What I tell clients is if you were my son, my daughter, or my wife in the same situation, I would still give the same advise I just gave you. My advice is to push a little bit more to see if that really is in fact their top number.

Our #1 goal is to get you the most $ possible in a way that makes you feel comfortable. We will never push it past what you feel comfortable with. But we believe that the top offer that they make is very seldom the actual top offer. It is worth going forward with it to try to get you more $ and the odds are stacked in your favor.

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