Why Your Insurance Company Pays Your Medical Bills

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Here is another question that clients ask us. This question usually comes from clients who are in an auto accident. So they are injured in the car accident. They need medical treatment. They need physical therapy. They may need surgery and so medical bills start to come in. So who pays the medical bills initially?

We tell them their own insurance company pays their bills! “Why do you have to turn in your medical bills to your own insurance company? I did not cause the darn car accident. The other driver caused the accident. So why should my company have to pay my bills?” This is a common-sense argument and we hear it a lot from people that are injured in an auto accident.

The answer is this: Pennsylvania is in what’s called a no-fault state. A no-fault state means that no matter who is at fault in the accident, their bills are turned into their own auto carrier and that’s up to usually the first $5,000. Now you can purchase an extended first party benefits insurance, for more coverage but the first $5,000 is paid by your company.

The good news is this doesn’t change your coverage rates based on what you turned in to them. That’s what you paid for, that’s statutory.

So because Pennsylvania is a no-fault state, that is why you turn in your own medical bills into your insurance company. Even if it wasn’t your fault at all. Sorry.

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