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More than 1 in 4 adults today can expect to miss at least a year of work due to a disability before they reach retirement age. The resulting financial consequences can be devastating. A 2014 study into consumer bankruptcy filings identified the following as the primary causes of insolvency: medical bills (26%), job loss (20%), and illness or injury to the filer or a family member (15%).

The harsh reality is that most of the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) applications are denied. In fact, from 2006 to 2015, only 34% of SSDI claimants had their applications approved. To make matters worse, the SSDI application process is a slow one. On average, it usually takes 3 to 5 months from the date of the application to get an initial decision. In 2017, the backload of appeals alone was more than one million with an average processing time of more than 18 months.

It is for these reasons that you need an experienced Pittsburgh disability claim attorney working on your behalf. Bernard M. Tully will help you to navigate the difficult application process and diligently pursue all potential avenues of recovery on your behalf. With over 40 years of experience, Bernard M. Tully has a proven track record of helping people just like you.

Who is Eligible for Social Security Disability?

You could be eligible for benefits if you:

  • Are injured due to an accident.
  • Are disabled due to illness, injury, or emotional trauma.
  • Became disabled after your spouse died.
  • Became disabled after serving in the military.
  • Became disabled before you turned 22.
  • Have a physical or mental disability expected to last a year or potentially result in death.
  • Are related to a disabled worker and qualifies for SSD benefits under his or her account.

What if I Have a Long-Term Disability Policy?

If you have purchased a long-term disability policy through your own insurance agent you are potentially eligible for additional benefits. Typically, these policies pay a defined benefit amount after a contractual waiting period and require that you prove you are “disabled” as the term is defined in the policy. Insurance companies attempt to interpret the policy terms as narrowly as possible to reject your claims. The companies employ high-powered defense attorneys that will attempt to bar your recovery. You need to even the playing field by having a Pittsburgh disability claim attorney, Bernard M. Tully, working on your behalf to maximize your recovery and to ensure that you start to receive benefits as soon as possible.

What if I purchased a Group Long-Term Disability Policy through my Employer? A group long-term disability policy is a policy purchased through an employer. The cost of the policy is paid either solely by the employee through payroll deductions or the cost is paid by the employer. If you are covered by such a policy you will still need Bernard M. Tully Attorney at Law to help you prepare and pursue your claim as insurance companies are just as likely to reject claims as they are in the case of an individually purchased policy.

Pittsburgh Disability Claim Attorney: Bernard Tully

The best time to get legal help is prior to filing for disability benefits. At Bernard M. Tully Attorney at Law, we have experience working with almost every insurance carrier. We know how your insurance company will interpret your policy provisions and what evidence we will need to win. We have prepared a significant number of successful disability claims for a wide array of clients. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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