July 2023

Mostly, it is if they have lots of experience
representing families of deceased persons killed in an accident.
Any attorney who has passed the Bar Exam can advertise they do
wrongful death cases or are specialists in death cases. But do they
know how to open an estate, get an administrator appointed as
executor of the estate, or file an estate tax return for the
estate? Do they know how to get court approval for a wrongful death
settlement? Does the attorney know the difference between a
wrongful death claim and a survivor claim?

Does the Tully Law Firm qualify as an actual wrongful death law
firm? Well we have represented the families of victims killed in
accidents in over 50 cases. That is an awful lot of experience. So
you decide if that qualifies us. Lastly, would you rather be flying
with a pilot who has flown 50 times or one on their maiden or
second flight?

WHAT IS NEW AT THE TULLY LAW FIRM? Our website at www.telltully.net
We have redesigned and streamlined our old website to make it
easier to navigate. Yes you can still find any of our old monthly
Newsletters from the past 15 years. Most importantly, we now have
a new section for current updates on new laws and auto accident
cases that may affect you. We hope you can check out our new
revised website at www.telltully.net.

Connor G. has been able to redesign our website. On a personal note
Connor has very recently become a new dad to a baby boy.
Congratulations Connor!

NEW CASE LAW: Amputee’s Workers Comp Benefits Denied For Failure to
Stop Smoking! Recently a Judge ruled that grocery chain Wegmans
could suspend its money compensation benefits to a worker who had
sustained a severe ankle fracture that failed to heal properly.
This led to a foot amputation. A doctor told the victim to stop
smoking while the fracture healed. She refused and this led to the
amputation. The Judge stopped her workers’ compensation benefits
because she failed to stop smoking!

WHAT IS NEW IN SPORTS: A Pirate baseball revival is back! The Bucs
are a young exciting team with top prospects coming up in the farm
system! Most importantly, they have another #1 pick in the upcoming
baseball draft. Think of Terry Bradshaw or Mean Joe Greene and what
they did for the Steelers. Or think of Mario Lemieux and Sidney
Crosby and what they did for the Penguins! Number 1 draft picks in
sports matter.

Steeler Training Camp is just around the corner and the Steelers
look promising thanks to another great draft. Go Steelers! I super
admire coach Mike Tomlin not only for his outstanding coaching
record, but I also admire Coach Tomlin for getting involved in
projects like Man Up (to get a father figure into a youth’s life
who does not have a father). Lastly, not being embarrassed to wear
his cross during and after Steeler games for all the world to see
is inspirational. Mike Tomlin is walking the walk.

2023 STEELERS MAGNETS? We have not had many readers call for the
magnets this year so we will make it easy for you: If we get 50
emails requesting a Steeler magnet schedule we will order them this
year. There is a fair amount of time and cost involved in ordering
7000 Steeler schedule magnets. So if we get 50 emails from you
requesting we send you a Steeler, Pitt, Penn State schedule magnet,
we will do so this year. You can email us at either
bernie@telltully.net or michael@telltully.net. Or you can call our
office at 412-281-8700. So 50 is the number! Thanks

Now for your chance to win $50. We deliberately misspelled a word
in this month’s Newsletter. What is it? Good luck!

WORKERS’COMPENSATION INJURIES: Head and neck areas: If you are
injured at work to these body parts, you are entitled to disability
benefits or a lump sum commutation. However, in Pennsylvania any
scarring to your body below the neck is not compensable. Call us at
412-281-8700 with your workers’ compensation claim!

requiring proof that your service animal is medically needed to be
able to fly with you .

TRIVIA CORNER: Where did our website name of telltully.net come
from? My daughter Katie actually gave me the idea for it years ago.
One day I was talking to Katie and asked what she thought would be
a catchy name that people would remember. Her answer was how about
telltully. And that is how our website name came to be. Thanks

Your friends and attorneys,

Bernard M. Tully and Michael J. Tully


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